5 Video Production Trends for 2016 You Can't Ignore

If you are not using video as part of your business marketing strategy you are missing one of the most powerful marketing trends in history.
Online video consumption has increased dramatically year-over-year and this year will not be an exception. In fact, video viewership is set to spike by 19.8 percent in 2016!
Even if you have been using video you're aware of the nuances of effective online video. Specifically, you must have a target for your video. The days of throwing something up online are ending. The competition is high with amazing quality videos and innovative production.
We predict that 2016 is the year of the Targeted Video, or more specifically Targeted Video Series.
This involves:
-Taking platforms into account when producing video
-Employing high quality graphics and images to engage viewers
-Producing suites of content rather than the one-off 
Here are our Top 5 Video Production Trends for 2016
#1. More Short Form Content
The early adopters have been incorporating short form video into their content marketing strategy for a couple of years. And 2016 will see a spike in this adoption across the board. We predict that more marketers will request 15 and 30 second versions of their web video to reach their Instagram and Twitter audiences. And we predict that marketers will start to produce video that takes advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature. 
#2. The Video Series - No More Solo Videos
The early 10’s we saw marketers plan their videos as big, one-off launches, with all the energy built around a single product that 'did it all'. As Content Marketing has gained momentum we’ve seen more businesses plan suites of video, and we predict 2016 will be the year that even skeptical businesses will actively include video in their strategy. There are many upsides to planning a series of video rather than a one-off. The obvious benefit is a cohesive, targeted and sustained video strategy. The not-so-obvious upside is the cost. Creating a series of videos out of a well-planned single shoot can mean a budget savings.
#3. The Year of the Drone
Drone technology has become more accessible than ever and the FAA has allowed their operation (with a license). We predict we’ll see more businesses ask for this speciality footage in their video. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to add dynamic footage to a variety of products - from corporate video to commercials to episodic content. And, let’s be honest: drones are fun!
A word of warning, make sure the company you hire can present you with a valid FAA license for both the drone and the operator. Make sure the operator is very experienced and has a reel of footage to share with you. Finally, make sure the drone operator and production company are insured for drone operation.
#4. The Corporate Studio - Your Own TV Channel
We’ve encouraged our clients to think of their businesses and brands like television channels for years. It’s not enough to simply create an incredible video. If your incredible video was a television show, what would go into the promotion of that show? A series of trailers - each targeted for the time frame and channel on which its to be shown - online graphic ads, short ad overlays, etc. And how would you package your series to compel people to watch not just the first episode, but the entire series?
This year we’ll start to see more brands thinking about this as they head into production. 
#5. Live Streaming/Live Event Production
And speaking of Corporate Studio, live streaming platforms will grow again in 2016. Innovations like Periscope have altered the game by incorporating an easy to use and share ad-hoc platform with a built-in audience. Go big and create a 'TedTalk-style' world-wide livestream or go local with Periscope. The point is to share.
If you're looking for inspiration for what types of content you should share, download our Guide to the 7 Must-Have Videos.
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