7 Stats About Video Marketing to Make You Look Smart

Great news! According to Aberdeen's 2015 Marketing Report, marketers have significantly shifted their goals from Viral Views to Engagement.

As video marketers, we've gone beyond the one dimensional video success story and moved on to the concept called the 'multi-touch campaign'.

Marketing shouldn't be about "going viral." Many of us know this.

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Marketing should be about engaging and exciting people.

As Seth Godin said in a 2014 interview with Inc. Magazine:

"Instead of thinking, "What do the masses want?," [marketers] need to think about what the people who care want. They are two different things. ... by appealing to the people who care, it is way more likely that a company will be talked about."

Every once in a while someone will hit that sweet spot and they'll achieve both. But it's not a predictable event. It's a bet. And listen, gambling is just not something you should do. Especially with your tight marketing budget.

Aberdeen recently released their 2015 Marketing Report aptly titled Getting More Than "Going Viral" ... Sophistication in Video Marketing.

Aberdeen's findings were encouraging.

Here are 7 of the stats about video marketing we found the most impressive:

1) "70% of Best-in-Class marketers actively use video in at least one marketing channel."

70 of Marketers

MediaBoss opened our doors in 2008.

In the beginning, we'd spend the first couple of conversations with a prospect explaining why they needed video. Video Marketing was barely a term at the time and not many businesses spent time investing in it.

Now marketers widely accept video as an integral piece of their marketing strategy. And their goals have shifted.

2) "65% of video marketers are concerned with fueling multi-touch marketing campaigns. It’s not just about views anymore."

65 of Video Marketers


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In recent years, every time a video went viral we'd get calls from clients saying "we want a video just like Gangnam Style" or "The Old Spice Guy" or "The Dollar Shave Club". You get the idea.

Our clients wanted to increase their market reach and brand awareness, and quickly. But it was an impossible request.

And it was a request we didn't want to fulfill because we didn't want to steal someone else's creative (and you shouldn't either).

There are many reasons why trying to replicate someone else's creative is a bad idea. Here are three.

  • People are smart and they know when you're being a poser.
  • Even if the budget is big and technical quality is top notch, it's a recycled concept and won't be as strong.
  • There were reasons the video went viral beyond the content which you may not be privy to.

But in the last 18 months we haven't had a single request like this. Our clients want thoughtful, targeted content packaged across platforms.

This brings us to the next stat:

3) "70% of best-in-class video marketers use video for social media."

video for social media

Clients are much more interested in producing multi-touch campaigns now. This could mean one longer video (about 2 minutes); multiple shorter ones (:15 to :30) for everything from Instagram to Snapchat; and related still images or graphics.

And this brings me to the next stat:

4) "40% of marketers who adopt video are interested in keeping up with new marketing channels for interacting with buyers. This includes social platforms and mobile."

New Marketing Channels

We’ve seen our clients' main goal for video shift in the last two years. It's changed from a desire to tell their audience about themselves to a desire to engage with them.

Five years ago we’d need to coax our clients into creating content targeted for certain channels. For example, we would warn against sharing a 5 minute video linked from Youtube to Twitter or Facebook.

Social is better for a quick hit. 5-minute videos are long in any medium. But... they could be a helpful resource in a targeted email campaign.

[Visible Measures reports that 45% of viewers will stop watching after 1 minute of video and 60% drop off by the 2 minute mark.]

Speaking of YouTube, another big change is:

5) "Best-in-Class marketers have 35% lead over All Others in their adoption of a video management / video hosting platform."

Adoption Video Management

Now marketers are able to view real stats on how their viewers interact with the video content they create. They gather actionable information to help them engage with their customers where and how they like to be engaged.

‘Engagement’ is the hottest buzzword out there.

And for good reason.

Check out these final two stats:

6) "Marketers who use video generate 13% more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) per year."

Marketing Qualified Leads

7) "Video users outpace non-users by 63% in increasing marketing’s contribution to revenue year-over year."

Marketing Contribution to Revenue

The number one thing that set video adopters apart was mindfulness of their buyer’s multi-channel environments and preferences.

Take the time to map out how your buyers will go from viewing a video to interacting with your brand and ultimately making a purchase.

And if you'd like to talk to us about working together, awesome! Reach out here. We'd love to talk to you about your next project.

To download Aberdeen's Getting more than "Going Viral" ... Sophistication in Video Marketing, click the link. 

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