The Best 22.5 Million Spent at the Super Bowl This Year: Our Top 5 Favorite Ads

The Super Bowl holds claim to the most coveted spots for advertisements in all of television. Why? Well this past Sunday, Nielsen recorded that 114.4 million viewers watched the Patriots destroy the Seahawks…well, destroy in those final 26 seconds anyway.

Every year there seems to be a competition over who produces the funniest commercial. And this competition isn't a cheap one. Each commercial was estimated to cost 4.5 million dollars. So here are the top picks that stood out among the multiple film trailers and non-funny ‘be a good father’ PSAs - or as we put it in our headline, the best 22.5 million dollars spent at the Super Bowl this year.

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T-Mobile did this right. Celebrity comedians making fun of themselves and fame as a whole, showing off ridiculously absurd and unrealistic rooms in the mansions neither of them probably actually have, and of course, the classic, “Girls are Better Than Boys, Sorry You Had a Boy”, conversation with new parents, all the while, never dropping the call.

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If Clash of Clans can destroy the mental state of a wannabe Ra’s al Ghul, then it must be exceedingly powerful. This commercial is funny, because it reflects every person watching it. We all have sought vengeance on a free app. We all have had the urge to throw our birth certificate in the face of a barista. And we all regret the day we crossed an angryneeson52.

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With yet another celebrity appearance, esurance appealed to the millions of depressed Breaking Bad followers with a glimpse into Walter White’s life after the series ended. Obviously, having a known drug…enthusiast…as a pharmacist is a hilarious situation, but the straight man (woman) in this commercial truly completes the funny package.

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Fiat nailed their time slot by exposing a situation that, one can only assume, happens frequently to frisky Italian men across the world. Suspense is raised as the audience follows the little blue pill on its hard journey. To the excitement of surrounding women, the Fiat swallows up the pill and busts out into a burlier version of itself. A bang up job Fiat. But what happened to the old man? Well he has fallen asleep at what appears to be mid-afternoon.

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“What is Loctite Glue? Why does it have a Super Bowl commercial? How can it afford a Super Bowl commercial? Why don’t I understand what is happening? Where can I get a unicorn pin? What did that last couple do with the glue?” There are no answers, there is only this: The fanny pack is back everyone.




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