Corporate Video Production: Catalogic ECX Launch

We love being the corporate video production partner to our clients. Here's a great example of how hard we work - and how well we work together as a team - to deliver the best quality of product regardless of short deadlines.

One of our technology clients, Catalogic, approached us mid-January with a question: Could we produce a suite of original visual content, including 6 videos and a multitude of graphics to support both the videos and social media efforts in time for their February, 10th launch?

We're always up for a challenge and this was going to be a big one. We said 'yes', of course.

We quickly scheduled three shoots for the next week in our 30 ft x 30 ft studio space; two with their CEO Ed Walsh, and one with one of their incredible Sales Engineering and Services Manager Sathya Sankaran. We captured two high level videos and one deep-dive demo into their new product that would be edited into two versions - a highlight video and a complete video.

Tip: When we produce demo videos we like to shoot at least one angle of the presenter and edit in a screen capture of the demo in post. People engage with people and if you leave the friendly face out of your demo, you leave a lot on the table.

Our production manager, Paul, and editor, Monica, worked closely to achieve a streamlined post production process for these three videos. Two of the videos were over 15 minutes in length, while a third was 5 minutes long.

Our Creative Director, Ian, flew to Texas to capture two customer interviews with our two-DSLR, ARRI Light Kit flypack while the rest of the studio got to work on new, branded graphics and social strategy.

Our FX Boss, Nick dreamed up some animated lower thirds and an animated logo to give the videos energy, while Catalogic's VP of Marketing weighed in on how he wanted the video's art cards to look.

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Meanwhile, Erin and Social Media Manager Erica worked with Catalogic's PR Team to implement a content sharing strategy that would create anticipation for their upcoming launch. Catalogic Twitter Analytics

When our Creative Director returned, Paul and Monica worked with their VP of Marketing and their Product Evangelist to make sure the storytelling was exactly on message.

We worked for four weeks straight and were able to deliver the 6 final assets to the Catalogic team in time for their (very successful) launch.

Our core team has worked together since 2008 and this certainly was not our first tight deadline. Our process is tested and true - and honestly, we love the challenge and love meeting a challenge together.



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