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    Record Breaking: The Best of the Snowmageddon Time Lapse

    Title-town has done it again, with 108.6 inches, Bostonians have taken to their iPhone 6's to capture time lapse footage of everything this record-breaking 2015 has brought our way.

    Here are 5 of the best, and worst time lapse videos we could find on the internet. Your welcome.

    The Most Dramatic

    [az_video_embed class="" link=""]
    This video shows Bostonians (inches) and foreigners (centimeters) exactly how much snowfall has plagued the city.

    The Most Relatable

    [az_video_embed class="" link=""]
    Unless you were "that guy" who left his car to be devoured by Juno and her friends, we can all relate to this driver and his shovel.

    The Most Unoriginal

    [az_video_embed class="" link=""]
    Take your pick, from the title to the Benny Hill theme, this two men, 1 shovel team has ripped its 5k views from pre-existing successes. Regardless, the high-five at the end is adorable.

    The Most Depressing

    [az_video_embed class="" link=""]
    I'm not talking about their poor music choice, this time lapse is depressing, because the snow covered patio furniture and grill represent the burial of summer and happiness.

    The Worst

    [az_video_embed class="" link=""]
    This is the worst time lapse. A video intended to show a dramatic snowfall over 24 hours, filmed under a covered porch. Let's use our heads people.