Top 5 Creative Video Production Trends of 2023

Top 5 Video Trends 2023

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With January firmly under our belt, let's discuss the Top 5 Video Trends for 2023. 

1. Pre-recorded Live streaming: The last three years have seen an explosion in Live Streaming content. The COVID-19 Pandemic created a need to communicate safely with customers, prospects, and leads, and live-streaming content was a highly effective solution for that need. In 2023, significant budget cuts and staffing shortages have created new challenges to communicating business messages. Again, companies are turning to Live Streaming as a solution to this challenge. We've seen a significant uptick in inquiries about partnering with a creative video production team to produce a high-quality pre-produced live stream video to engage with their audiences. Live streaming video lets businesses connect with their audience in real time and create a sense of urgency. And the value doesn't end with the conclusion of the event. Companies can repurpose the assets made for the live stream video in their other marketing communication efforts. Think web, email marketing, social media, fundraising, knowledge base, etc. 

2. Short-for Video is an exciting way to connect and engage with customers and leads. The success of TikTok and YouTube Shorts mean that businesses can reach their target audience where they are, when they’re most receptive to their message. And businesses can take advantage of these platform’s built-in analytics and advertising capabilities. TikTok and YouTube have a massive user base. YouTube has over 2 billion active users while TikTok’s user-base is 800 million. Both platforms offer creative flexibility within their platform. Tiktok offers businesses the ability to get creative and innovative with their marketing campaigns. The platform supports a wide range of content formats, from lip-sync videos to dance challenges and more, allowing businesses to showcase their brand in a fun and engaging way. YouTube’s ability to add text, music, and other creative elements, allows businesses to easily create custom and engaging content that resonates with their target audience. And YouTube Shorts is a trending content type. The company reports that more and more of its users are coming to its platform to consume this powerful short-form content.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC) is the more authentic version of Influencer Marketing. Businesses are seeing this and are encouraging and repurposing more user-generated videos to create more relatable content. We’re seeing requests to consult on ideas that will engage their audience in an on-brand way. These include examples from contest pieces and challenges to customer testimonials and product reviews. UGC helps businesses tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and leverage the expertise, experiences, and perspectives of their customers.

4. Vertical Video: With the rise of mobile device usage, videos filmed in a vertical aspect ratio are becoming more common and are better suited for mobile viewing. Most people hold their phones vertically, meaning a vertical video will take up the full screen, providing a better viewing experience. Horizontal videos often have black bars on the top and bottom, reducing the amount of screen real estate used, which can detract from the viewing experience. Additionally, vertical video is more suitable for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which are designed for vertically-oriented content. On these platforms, vertical videos tend to receive more engagement and have higher completion rates compared to horizontal videos. However, it's worth noting that the suitability of a particular video format will also depend on the type of content being shared and the target audience. For example, horizontal video may be better suited for certain types of content, such as films or sporting events, where a wider aspect ratio is desired. Ultimately, businesses should consider the goals and objectives of their video content and choose the format that best serves those needs. Hiring a professional production company can provide a way to get the best of both worlds. A good production company will have cameras that can film one video that will work in both a vertical and a horizontal format.

5. Interactive video: Videos that allow audiences to interact with the content, such as choosing their own paths or making decisions, are becoming more popular. Interactive video can be used for various purposes, including marketing and advertising, training and education, entertainment, and more. By allowing viewers to interact with the video, businesses, and content creators can gain valuable insights into their audience and gather data on how they engage with their content. Examples of interactive videos include choose-your-own-adventure style videos, product demos with interactive features, and videos with embedded quizzes or surveys. Interactive video can be created using various tools and platforms, including video production software, HTML5, and specialized interactive video platforms. It's an increasingly popular format for online video content, as it offers a way for businesses and content creators to stand out in a crowded online environment and deliver a more engaging and memorable experience for their audience.

There you have it! Overall, the trend in video marketing in 2023 is to create more engaging, personalized, and interactive content that can be shared easily across multiple platforms. Do you have an idea youd like to discuss with a team of passionate video producers? We’d love to collaborate with you. We'd love to start a conversation.

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