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Five years ago we produced a music video for Godsmack’s cover of The Beatles "Come Together." At the time, they were in Boston recording their release, "Live and Inspired". 
MEDIABOSS Creative Director Ian Barrett was tapped to direct the video. Ian has along history with the band, having worked with them from their early days in and around New England.  Ian had the unique experience of watching the band record multiple times and felt strongly that Godsmack’s fans would enjoy an intimate look into this unique process. He pitched capturing the music video for Come Together while the band recorded the song, during the actual live album takes.
The style of the video was meant to emulate Ian's older style of capturing bands on film.
A lot of work into producing this video because every single frame of video is a genuine recording of the song. The final video showcases these takes and behind the scenes footage of the recording process, including playback, effects and overdubs.
Months later, the band decided to release “Rocky Mountain Way” as the first single and the “Come Together” was temporarily shelved and later on July 30, 2012 saw its debut on YouTube and Vevo . The video racked up about a million views shortly after.
Fast forward to this weekend - nearly 5 years after the video’s release date - and our iPhones were sounding off with alerts that our video was trending nationwide again. We were getting excited tweets as fans began to discover the music video for the first time. Ian and I were a little floored. How did this happen? Why now?
Well it turns out Society of Rock decided to write a nice article about the music video late last week and the blogger’s active followers promptly started to share it. 
The video’s now seen 3.7 million views on Youtube (and 7K on our Vimeo page which we only use for client review). 
Whether Godsmack’s style of music is your jam or not, we think you’ll enjoy watching the intimacy of their recording process. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below!

Erin Hayes

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