Video Production Explained in 14 instagram photos

A picture's worth a thousand words. So, rather than write 14,000 words about the filmmaking process (cause that'd be a bit boring, wouldn't it?), we pulled 14 photos from some talented people on Instagram to tell the story instead. 

Luckily for us, pulling 14 photos that document the filmmaking process was no big deal. Because few people document their workflow as avidly - and beautifully - as filmmakers.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos as much as we enjoyed scrolling through #Filmmaking search results! 

The Storyboard

You should never shoot without a storyboard. A storyboard will help you save time on production day and during post-production. And, it sets clear expectations for the client and for your crew. 

All the Gear

You need film gear to shoot a video. How much gear you need will depend on a few factors like budget, location size, time of day, etc. etc. 


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#dslrgear #dslr #dslrfilmmaking #700D #canon #filmmaking #filmgear #justgettingstarted @mycamerabag

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Take 1...or Take 101

What's more iconic of a filmmaking set than a production slate? Nearly nothing (well, maybe a director yelling 'Action'). A production slate helps the production crew stay on track on the day of the shoot. It also helps the post production team sync the footage from multiple cameras and audio sources. 

The Crew

The crew is the most important part of filmmaking. You can have a killer script, all the latest and greatest in gear - but if you don't have a great crew you won't have a great product. 

getTING the shots

Ready, set, Camera Speed! Now it's time for that incredible crew to come together and shoot the heck out of the project. 


We shot a fun project with some extraordinarily talented people this week. Here's a shot of one of our final scenes. #setlife

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Getting the Pickups

Now it's time to get those closeups and specialty shots.

All of the Pickups...

And just when you think you've captured all the pickups, you realize that if you took this and shot it that way then your video would 1000% more awesome.


Getting the closeup during a recent shoot with client, @jacksabbybrewing #setlife #beer @paulsummerlong @i.barrett

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Going through the footage. ALL of THE FOOTAGE

You've come back to the studio. You've loaded all of the footage. Now it's time to go through all of that footage. 

Wide Cut

Ok, you've edited a wide cut. Good for you! You're about 20% done. Time to get into Version 1, Version 2, etc. 

Picture Lock!

 A big satisfied sigh of relief. Your video is complete. Everyone loves it and has signed off on it.  


Get your team together, grab a beverage and clink those glasses, cans, what-have-you.

And then, on to the next production!

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