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    Record Breaking: The Best of the Snowmageddon Time Lapse

    Title-town has done it again, with 108.6 inches, Bostonians have taken to their iPhone 6's to capture time lapse footage of everything this record-breaking 2015 has brought our way.

    Here are 5 of the best, and worst time lapse videos we could find on the internet. Your welcome.


    I Know You Want It: 5 times we this copyright infringement?

    Copyright lines can be blurred and it can be hard to know if a song is phareally original or not (I was forced to write that by none other than my own self).

    Anyway, here are some examples of that and the true stories behind them.


    11 Winners The Academy Didn't Have Time to Announce : Oscars 2015

    The Academy Award for…

    Worst Part of the 87th Academy Awards
    Neil Patrick Harris: He has won four Emmy Awards for his outstanding performances as a four-time host of the Tony Awards. Last night, we all learned that is not a gig he should stray from. Providing awkward, cliché, and predictable jokes, most of which appeared to upset Oprah, NPH proved that he should stick to song and dance that is written and choreographed for him, as his major success last night was the opening number. That bit with the briefcase was so hard to see. It was like watching a five year old trying to make a dove come out of his hat, but the dove died.

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    Our Top Story Tonight: 4 Minute Review of 40 Years of SNL

    I quite honestly don’t know where to begin. I suppose first off, you must all understand that nothing about this post will be neutral. It is coming from a place of biased love and obsession. It will be ranty, unorganized, nonsensical, and to be frank, I don’t care.

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    Up Close: MediaBoss Television - Boston Globe

    Boston Globe 10-26-14

    MediaBoss Television combines the craft of storytelling with the technology to distribute clients’ messages through television and commercial production, video marketing, live event streaming, animation, and Web-based series in an 8,000-square-foot video production studio in Framingham. Yet chief executive Erin Hayes says the greatest asset of the close-knit group of video production professionals is their passion for the work.


    Massachusetts Web Series, Partners' Takes Two Awards at LA Web Fest

    The Web series Partners, produced out of Framingham MA production company MediaBoss Television, took home two LA Web Series Festival awards in the dramedy category last night, ‘Most Outstanding Producing’ and ‘Most Outstanding Lead Actress’.


    Color Palettes: Tools to Help You Choose

    The next time you're selecting a client's corporate color palette or searching for the color scheme to your next project don't let the process take over the project. Check out these free tools instead!

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    The Truth About the Grammys: A Chart

    We've written about Column Five Media before; we love their infographics. This morning they released a chart, "The Truth About the Grammys," which predicts the outcome of this year's Grammys based on the pattern of past results.