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    Monsters of MediaBoss: Our Creative Work Space Comes Alive

    We built the ultimate creative work space when we moved into the 8,000 square foot industrial space MediaBoss now calls home. We have lime-pop support poles, a Koi pond, exposed brick and the Shoppers World sign hanging from our 13 foot ceilings.

    But we can't stop there.

    In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season, I started to see the every day objects in our studio a little differently.

    Here's a look at The Monsters of MediaBoss!


    Let Your Hair Down - Adam Ezra Group's Music Video Release

    This winter, in the midst of record-breaking snow fall, our friend Adam Ezra, of the Adam Ezra Group, reached out to us about producing a music video for his single "Let Your Hair Down."

    He had lined up an incredible crew of talent for the project: Director Ben Tishler, Director of Photography Jason Thompson, Camera Operator John Cole and Editor Neil Miller. We were honored to join the team as a producer and were thrilled to open up our studio for the location of the video.

    We've had the pleasure of working with Ezra for the last 3 years, live broadcasting his Ramble benefit concert. He's smart and talented guy and we just knew the team he had put together would be A-List.


    Branding and Logo Design: Angel City Games

    Eight years ago our Creative Director, Ian Barrett, was sitting at a patio bar in Los Angeles to kill time before his flight home to Boston.

    While he was enjoying his beer he couldn't help but overhear the conversation going on next to him between a husband and wife. They were discussing their toddler boy and a possible upcoming surgery their son needed. Ian slid his chair over and said 'Excuse me, but I couldn't help but overhear ...'

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    Color Palettes: Tools to Help You Choose

    The next time you're selecting a client's corporate color palette or searching for the color scheme to your next project don't let the process take over the project. Check out these free tools instead!

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    The Truth About the Grammys: A Chart

    We've written about Column Five Media before; we love their infographics. This morning they released a chart, "The Truth About the Grammys," which predicts the outcome of this year's Grammys based on the pattern of past results.


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