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    Unleashing The Full Power of Facebook Live

    Here are the facts: Video performs well on Facebook and Live Video performs even better.

    Most of the videos you see on Facebook Live are people sharing 5-20 minutes of an event.

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    Johnny A.'s "Sleigh Ride"

    Well it’s that time of year again, and Christmas is upon us once more!

    Whenever the holiday season rolls around,  I'm reminded of the year I created an animated music video.

    In 2012 guitar virtuoso, Johnny A., asked MediaBoss to produce an animated music video for his rendition of “Sleigh Ride.” I was the animator on the project.

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    When Is It Wrong to Use Stock Photos?

    We all use stock photos. We do. You do.

    • It’s fast
    • It’s easy
    • And you can find great ones for cheap or even free

    Then why is it wrong to use stock photography?

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    3 Easy Ways to Transcribe Video

    Why should you transcribe video?

    Before we discuss how, let me answer the why

    You just spent all this time producing a video, can’t you just post it and move on the next project on your To Do list?

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    4 Common Misconceptions About Video Production

    ]Businesses small and large are creating and distributing video content more than ever.

    Despite its popularity, the process involved in producing a successful video is often misunderstood.

    Clients come to us feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the process just as often as they come to us expecting it to be a snap.

    In this post, we clear up four common misconceptions about video production we've come across in our years as video producers.

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    In Post We Trust: Our Approach to Editing Video

    Back in the day when I was producing weekly shows in Colombia, I remember putting all my faith in “Alvarito”, my editor.

    This guy was a magician! Not only an efficient operator but an organized mind, capable of giving a nice finished touch to our projects. A guy who took our job seriously and always gave every edit his best.

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    Making the Pilot: A No Nonsense Guide to Pilot Production

    Pilot production is tough.

    There’s a lot riding on the pilot. This single episode needs to present all the unique characteristics of your production and sell sponsors or networks on your idea.

    If you are talking to networks, they generally fund the pilot. You would have already attached a director and talent to the production and the network would generally set you up in one of their studios to create the pilot.

    To be clear, this blog isn’t about that.

    It’s about you.

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    3 Rules for Workprov: How to Incorporate Improv In the Workplace

    [Spoiler Alert: Workprov is Never Defined]

    Q: What is a location that will fit on this post?
    A: My office!

    Great we’ll take the suggestion of office to start this blog.

    I am an employee of Boston's Improv Asylum and during my (nontenured) time there, I have seen my fair share of businesses holding company outings to enjoy the funny people of the stage.

    From the company’s standpoint, it is a great way to bond with coworkers and have something to talk about by the water cooler on Monday. As an employee, one just sees a large group of adults lost in the freedom of an open bar.

    A company outing to a local improv theatre should be used as an opportunity to observe skills that can be translated into any and every situation one could encounter in the workplace…and to watch the funny people be funny.

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