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    7 Stats About Video Marketing to Make You Look Smart

    Great news! According to Aberdeen's 2015 Marketing Report, marketers have significantly shifted their goals from Viral Views to Engagement.

    As video marketers, we've gone beyond the one dimensional video success story and moved on to the concept called the 'multi-touch campaign'.

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    The Four Biggest Video Marketing Trends

    2015 has a been a great year for video.

    Everywhere we turn, the internet gives us another study reporting the adoption and effectiveness of video.

    Hardly anyone questions the strength of video marketing. But what type of video should you use and how should you use it?

    We have about a million great ideas to help answer that. So, to help inspire you, we'll start with sharing the four of the biggest video marketing trends we've seen this year.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Producing an Animated Video

    Animated video is a powerful communication tool. Humans have communicated by using pictures since the beginning of time.

    Our ancient relatives drew Pictograms and Ideograms to convey their messages. And our love of visuals has not waned over the course of millennia.

    Visual content is the key ingredient to make the marketers' coveted unicorn - online engagement. Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts. And videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.

    This is because people process visuals 60,000 times faster than they can read.

    We're contacted about animated videos for two reasons:

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    4 Invaluable Tools Every Video Marketer Should Use

    Creation is 20% of the video marketer's strategy. The final 80% involves publishing and optimizing. Here are four tools we find invaluable in our video marketing approach.

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    5 Things You Need to Know About Live Stream Production

     Live stream production is a powerful tool to get your message to the world. And it's something we love to do at MediaBoss.

    Whether it's a presentation for your national offices or a product demo across the world, a well produced live stream can be an excellent communication tool.

    That's why today, I'm going to share 5 things you need to know about Live Stream Production.

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    Where to share Video: 4 Tips

    Now that you've invested in Video Marketing, it's time to take the steps to get the best ROI for your completed, perfect video.

    How do you do this? You publish it and promote it!

    Not sure where to start? Here are 4 quick tips on where to share video.

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    6 Helpful Interview Tips for Your Next Video

    It’s Not What You Do. It’s The Way You Do It.

    Imagine you scored a 20 minute, 1-on-1 interview with one of the hottest talents in your industry. Now imagine they’ve said yes to having it filmed. This is an opportunity that could make or break your career.

    How do you prepare?

    A bit of background:
    For five years in my 20s I had the opportunity to interview some of the most talented people in the world for a Boston newspaper. I had the chance to talk to big names from Former Vice President Al Gore to screenwriter/director Nora Ephron. Some of the interviews I’m proud of (Mr. Gore told me I was his most entertaining interview!). Others haunt me (Nora Ephron had me tongue-tied).

    My mistakes helped me develop 6 interview tips to guarantee a great end product and a great experience for me and the interviewee.

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