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    Making the Pilot: A No Nonsense Guide to Pilot Production

    Pilot production is tough.

    There’s a lot riding on the pilot. This single episode needs to present all the unique characteristics of your production and sell sponsors or networks on your idea.

    If you are talking to networks, they generally fund the pilot. You would have already attached a director and talent to the production and the network would generally set you up in one of their studios to create the pilot.

    To be clear, this blog isn’t about that.

    It’s about you.

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    7 Stats About Video Marketing to Make You Look Smart

    Great news! According to Aberdeen's 2015 Marketing Report, marketers have significantly shifted their goals from Viral Views to Engagement.

    As video marketers, we've gone beyond the one dimensional video success story and moved on to the concept called the 'multi-touch campaign'.

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    Monsters of MediaBoss: Our Creative Work Space Comes Alive

    We built the ultimate creative work space when we moved into the 8,000 square foot industrial space MediaBoss now calls home. We have lime-pop support poles, a Koi pond, exposed brick and the Shoppers World sign hanging from our 13 foot ceilings.

    But we can't stop there.

    In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season, I started to see the every day objects in our studio a little differently.

    Here's a look at The Monsters of MediaBoss!


    MediaBoss Television Pilot Partners Wins People's Telly Award

    Original Press Release Published Here


    Framingham, MA September 9, 2015 - The Telly Awards has named MediaBoss Television as a winner in the 36th Annual People's Telly Awards for their dramedy television pilot titled Partners. In addition to recognition from the Silver Telly Council, the judging panel that selects the Telly Awards winners, the Internet community helps decide the People’s Telly Awards winners. With nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, winning the People’s Choice is truly an honor.


    Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Definitions For Video Production Jargon

    The first time I was on set I was a writer at the Boston Herald but transitioning to the Video Production World. It was one of the first gigs I went on with our now-Creative Director, Ian Barrett. We were filming a firefighter auction in a Boston bar for a television pilot. He asked me if I saw any 'AC' around.

    It was winter. The dead of January. I thought he was nuts. Why would he be looking for air conditioning right now? [Spoiler: He wasn't.]


    Production Firm Knows Who's Boss - MetroWest Daily News

    By Bob Tremblay/Daily News Staff

    Credit for the name MediaBoss goes to Ian Barrett, the creative director of the Framingham-based production company.
    “The name derived from two sources,” explain Erin Hayes, the firm’s CEO and co-owner. “First, it's a very powerful engine - the Boss 302 engine. The other part of this is the Boss Level of a video game - the hardest level to beat.”
    Located at 92 Blandin Ave., the company was launched in 2008 with Hayes and Paul Bouley as owners. The four partners – Hayes, Bouley, Barrett and Nick Clarke - all reside in Framingham.


    3 Rules for Workprov: How to Incorporate Improv In the Workplace

    [Spoiler Alert: Workprov is Never Defined]

    Q: What is a location that will fit on this post?
    A: My office!

    Great we’ll take the suggestion of office to start this blog.

    I am an employee of Boston's Improv Asylum and during my (nontenured) time there, I have seen my fair share of businesses holding company outings to enjoy the funny people of the stage.

    From the company’s standpoint, it is a great way to bond with coworkers and have something to talk about by the water cooler on Monday. As an employee, one just sees a large group of adults lost in the freedom of an open bar.

    A company outing to a local improv theatre should be used as an opportunity to observe skills that can be translated into any and every situation one could encounter in the workplace…and to watch the funny people be funny.

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    The Four Biggest Video Marketing Trends

    2015 has a been a great year for video.

    Everywhere we turn, the internet gives us another study reporting the adoption and effectiveness of video.

    Hardly anyone questions the strength of video marketing. But what type of video should you use and how should you use it?

    We have about a million great ideas to help answer that. So, to help inspire you, we'll start with sharing the four of the biggest video marketing trends we've seen this year.

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